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Gig Review: Elton John, Lincoln NE (Pinnacle Bank Arena) 11/23/2013

We sometimes forget how remarkable the Internet is. I knew that my mother saw Elton John in concert at the Oakland Coliseum in 1975. Armed with this knowledge, I can not only pinpoint the date of that concert (October 19); … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Economics Anti-Textbook (2010)

The world we live in is a frictionless wonderland of free and fair markets, where all exchange is voluntary, everybody earns their marginal product, rising tides lift all boats, externalities are rare-to-nonexistent, and the Invisible Hand benevolently coordinates the human … Continue reading

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A Coup by Other Means: TTIP, investor protections, and “free trade”

It’s always fun when your reading and the real world line up – although perhaps in this case “fun” may not be the right word. I like to read economic theory in my spare time. This may strike you as … Continue reading

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An Enchanted Place on the Top of the Forest

When I recently discovered that “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” was available on Netflix, I was all over it. I love Winnie the Pooh. My first Christmas present was a stuffed Pooh Bear, which was quickly followed by … Continue reading

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For the Intro to German course I teach at the University of South Dakota, I like to expose students to contemporary German art, music, and film. If we only talk about Goethe and Mozart, as great as they are, students … Continue reading

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“Love is a rebellious bird”: sex, power, and freedom in Bizet’s Carmen

My introduction to Georges Bizet’s Carmen came at the age of 8, by way of the classic Nicktoon Hey Arnold. Those who grew up with the show will know exactly the episode I’m talking about: “What’s Opera Arnold?” (parodying the … Continue reading

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Gig Review: Of Montreal w/La Luz (Waiting Room Lounge, Omaha 11.2.2013)

“It’s all been done,” the Barenaked Ladies sang, and that was in 1998. Fifteen years later, it’s  only truer: when it comes to the world of rock & roll, there’s precious little new under the sun. In light of the … Continue reading

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