Track Spotlight: Bruno Mars, “Treasure”

Yes, you read that right. I’m spotlighting a song by Bruno Mars. Why in the hell would I do that, you ask? Because last year’s “Treasure” is so 1979 it hurts.

Maybe I’m just been in a disco phase lately – my Top 5 Albums of [Insert Year Here] lists are getting into the late 70s at this point, and after Daft Punk’s much-deserved triumph at the Grammys, I haven’t been able to get “Get Lucky” out of my head for days. But I swear to God, in my head, I’m replacing Mars’s vocals with Michael Jackson’s circa Off the Wall and the brass section from the self-consciously grainy, pre-MTV music video with Earth Wind & Fire (even though they’re kind of superfluous, seeing as how the track doesn’t actually have a horn chart). I mean, just listen to that slap bass. The whole thing is retro and dumb and absurdly catchy.

And somehow this was the 33rd most-played song of 2013 on Top 40 Radio. Needless to say, Top 40 Radio is bizarre.

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