Track Spotlight: Pentatonix, “Daft Punk”

Heyyyyy, have I mentioned yet that I love Daft Punk?

Since their spectacular, well-deserved Grammys sweep last weekend, I’ve been listening to the French duo pretty much non-stop – AND I’ve convinced my brother to cosplay them with me next year. [/nerd] As a consequence, I rediscovered Pentatonix’s killer Daft Punk medley – “rediscovered” as in “this was only uploaded last November,” but by Internet standards that’s like the Iranian Hostage Crisis in terms of old news.

I still get tripped up by the changes to “Digital Love” (“Last night I had this a dream about you,” “There’s nothing wrong with just a little bit of little fun”), and it’s a little sad to see Homework so roundly ignored. But those are the most minor of minor complaints, and Kirstie Maldonado’s crooked smile more than makes up for them. And when “Get Lucky” (a song that has no right to be as amazing as it is, given that it’s about exactly what you’d expect it to be about) comes up underneath “One More Time” at 3:22… I get chills. The same kind of chills that DP’s own interpolation of “Harder Better Faster Stronger” into “Get Lucky” at the Grammys gives me. We’ve come too far too give up who we are…

God I love this band.

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6 Responses to Track Spotlight: Pentatonix, “Daft Punk”

  1. Terry Gotham says: Listen to this. It’s a big deal 😀 Welcome to the Daft Punk Universe.

    • Tom Emanuel says:

      Awwww yeah. That’s a magnificent live set, good choice. I know it’s difficult with the nature of the material on RAM, but I really wished they’d tour this album. REALLY.

      • Terry Gotham says:

        Word on the street is an Ultra appearance, but I assume there’s going to be more studio work first. Kudos, and I’m so glad you’re discovering this stuff. I heart me some Daft Punk.

  2. hmmm… not sure about the medley. Sounds like something that Disney have been working on. I think i’ll stick to the real punk 😉

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