Track Spotlight: Tristam, “Till It’s Over”


But really, the folks at Monstercat are supporting some of the very best EDM out there, and you it to yourself to spend a couple hours trawling their YouTube channel. If you care for EDM in the slightest, you will not be disappointed.

As for “Till It’s Over,” by 19-year-old (!) producer Tristam, revel in that main bell pad motif and the synthesized arpeggios, then behold as it bursts into full-on glitchy glory. Glitch-hop lives and dies on those drops, on the contrast between sweeping, melodic synth lines and, in the words of a friend, “breaks that sound like a malfunctioning fax machine.” By that criterion, Tristam is living it up with the best of them here. Check it out.

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