Track Spotlight: Lady Gaga, “Applause”

This summer I’m head of the counseling staff at a church camp in the Black Hills, and part of my job is to design program for the high school camp. So this year I went with the theme “The Theology of Pop Music,” listening intentionally to pop music to uncover its spiritual themes (or lack thereof). Like, Top 40 pop music, the stuff “the kids are listening to these days.”

In order to make this project work, I’ve had to catch up a little on the charts over the past year or so. Which means that I’m a little late to the “Applause” train, seeing as how it was released last summer – I haven’t even heard “G.U.Y.” yet. And I don’t think “Applause” will necessarily make it into the Theology of Pop Music, though there are some interesting things going thematically. But still, I’m having a hard time arguing with that synth line on the chorus. Love her or hate her, the woman’s got a way with a hook.

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