Name’s Tom. The sole purpose of this blog is to serve as a place for me to put my thoughts on music, faith, and society (but mostly music, because that’s my favorite way to experience the world) to paper before they vanish into the ether. Whether this is a worthy use of my time is up to the reader to decide. But if I can serve in some small way to entertain or educate you while doing so, then so much the better!

When I’m not blogging, I spend my time in pursuit my Master of Divinity at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA (though there will always be a big piece of my heart back home in South Dakota). So when I’m not pastoring (is that a verb? sure, why not) or buried under Hebrew Bible readings, I’m probably doing one of the following:

  • studying political economy;
  • going to concerts;
  • collecting vinyl;
  • doing Tolkien Studies (it’s a thing, somehow my borderline pathological obsession with The Lord of the Rings translated at some point into a legitimate field of academic inquiry);
  • hiking; or
  • playing classic Nintendo games (–kicks down your door– LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE MOTHER GAMES).

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  1. Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I think your blog is great, and I’ve nominated you for a VIB Award. 🙂 http://wp.me/p3Kumn-1zW

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