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Book Review: The Economics Anti-Textbook (2010)

The world we live in is a frictionless wonderland of free and fair markets, where all exchange is voluntary, everybody earns their marginal product, rising tides lift all boats, externalities are rare-to-nonexistent, and the Invisible Hand benevolently coordinates the human … Continue reading

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A Coup by Other Means: TTIP, investor protections, and “free trade”

It’s always fun when your reading and the real world line up – although perhaps in this case “fun” may not be the right word. I like to read economic theory in my spare time. This may strike you as … Continue reading

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For the Intro to German course I teach at the University of South Dakota, I like to expose students to contemporary German art, music, and film. If we only talk about Goethe and Mozart, as great as they are, students … Continue reading

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