Track Spotlight: Mister Rogers Remixed, “Sing Together”

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

So, about a year-and-a-half ago, PBS released melodysheep’s remix of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, consisting of autotuned snippets of Fred Rogers’ voice set against a winning electronic backdrop. The track became a viral sensation, so they followed it with a series of remixes of classic PBS personalities, including Levar Burton and Julia Childs, but the Mister Rogers one is what stuck with me.

I never really watched Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood that much as a kid, although I did see it and enjoy it. It’s only been since I’ve become an adult that Fred Rogers has become one of my undisputed heroes. I rewatch old Neighborhood episodes and routinely find myself in tears. I always feel like Fred is talking straight to me, telling me that I make every day a special day, just by being me. Everybody needs to hear that, no matter how old they are. And the greatest thing of all? It wasn’t in act. It was just the person that Fred was. He made every day a special day – just by being himself.

So how happy was I to discover a couple days ago that there was a second Neighborhood remix, “Sing Together,” and that it’s nearly as good as the first. It’s been on constant repeat since I discovered it.

Just listen to those lyrics:

There’s so much in this world we can learn
No matter how young or how old we are…
The truth is inside of us,

and it’s wonderful when we have the courage to tell it.
Are you discovering the truth about you?…
I’m still discovering the truth about me.

Fred Rogers might actually be the best person ever. Like, actually.

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