Track Spotlight: MIKA feat. Ariana Grande, “Popular Song”

I love Wicked (and get to see it a week from Saturday – YAY). I also love MIKA, though I haven’t really kept up with his career since “Grace Kelly” and Life in Cartoon Motion. But nobody told me that these two things had been combined in one sugar-sweet pop song. I mean, it’s a I-V-IV-I progression repeated over and over again – that’s about as basic as it gets. But with a title like “Popular Song,” there’s a sense that the simplicity is self-referential: “You were singing all the songs I don’t know/But now you’re in the front row/Because my song is popular.”

A song this infectious should’ve gotten higher than paltry 87 on the Billboard Hot 100. But hey, that’s popular music for you. Either way, I’ve probably played it 87 times today alone; because “All that you have to do/Is be true to you/And that’s all you really need to know.” Check it out.

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