Track Spotlight: Avicii feat. Robbie Williams, “The Days”

I listen to an awful lot of music: Italian progressive rock, Irish traditional, classic disco, French House, power pop, alt-country, indie pop, German opera, southern soul, and Klezmer, to name a few choice genres. But at the end of the day, there are a few things I always come back to.

One of those things is soaring synth leads. This stems in part from nostalgia for a childhood spent playing every Super Mario game in existence at the time, up to and including Mario Is Missing and Mario Teaches Typing (although I never did have a Philips CD-i… it was probably for the best anyway) – chiptune is kind of in my blood. But it also stems from the fact that, when it comes right down to it, I go to music in search of ecstasy, the experience of going outside myself. And there are few musical experiences more ecstatic than that moment–you know the moment I’m talking about–when the beat drops and the lead synth leaps into the stratosphere and you fly.

For Avicii’s latest single, “The Days,” that moment happens at 3:24, and It. Is. Glorious. Take a listen, and let yourself fly away.

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